Month: November 2018

Failing drug testing in Tasmania not the worst outcome

Failing drug testing on Tasmania’s roads or in a Tasmanian workplace, while not a desirable outcome by any means, is certainly not the worst potential consequence of taking illegal drugs. In fact, it’s not even close. As stated on Alcohol

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WA and Perth employees to undergo drug and alcohol testing

Employees at three of Perth and Western Australia’s top tourist attractions will soon undergo drug and alcohol testing. And while animals, plants, the public and most employees will be reassured by the move, not everyone it seems is happy. According

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Wastewater drug testing helps pave way for $20 million funding

The Federal Government has committed a further $20 million in South Australia to boost drug and alcohol treatment services. In a media release to announce the funding boost, the Minister for Health The Hon Greg Hunt MP said that alcohol

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Brisbane south wakes up to drug and alcohol testing

Operation Wake Up has started on Brisbane south roads, with drug testing and alcohol testing two of the key tactics that Queensland Police will be using. The major road operation will run on Brisbane south roads between November and December.

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Drug testing hits the news OS

While we’re busy getting on with drug and alcohol testing for workplaces, it’s worthwhile occasionally to look at what is happening elsewhere in the world in our field. Sometimes it’s insightful, sometimes it’s wacky, but it’s always interesting! Drug testing

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Drug testing won’t change for police in Victoria

Victoria’s top policeman says the legalisation of cannabis won’t change the approach of police when it comes roadside drug testing and drug policy. Before we get you confused and wonder when Victoria relaxed the laws on cannabis, the Victoria in

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Educate your workforce on the dangers of drugs and alcohol

With drugs and alcohol costing Australian workplaces $5.2 billion a year, responsible for causing workplace injuries and deaths, and resulting in productivity losses, absenteeism and other issues, workplace managers and owners could be forgiven for being fearful of drugs and

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Testing targets drunk and drugged Tasmanian drivers

A major traffic operation around Launceston last weekend has seen several drivers failing alcohol testing and drug testing, and ended with a terse warming for all Tasmanian drivers by the Police. A major part of the traffic operation was held

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