Month: December 2018

Hi-tech saliva drug testing equipment in Tasmania

If you think drug testing in Tasmania is about urine samples and test strips, have we got a surprise for you! While many drug testing providers still rely on this old method of conducting drug testing, Integrity Sampling recommends saliva

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Drug testing, alcohol testing, now fatigue testing!

Roadside drug testing, roadside alcohol testing and now roadside fatigue testing! According to a recent article, police are trialling new technology that, if successful, will help determine if someone is driving under the influence of… fatigue. “A new research

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Drugs in the workplace a concern

How many people in the Australian workforce turn up to work under the influence of illegal drugs? Less than 1 per cent? Two per cent at a stretch? It might surprise you to know that the Australian Safety and Compensation

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Queensland drug testing will catch you

With the festive season, or the silly season as it is sometimes called, fast approaching, here’s a timely reminder for Queenslanders. That is, if you take drugs and then drive, go to work, or operate a boat, drug testing is

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The weird, the wacky and interesting world of drug testing

A few weeks ago, we brought you several interesting and sometimes wacky stories from overseas in the world of drug testing. Continuing our look abroad this week, let’s visit England, the United States and Canada, for more drug testing news

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Expect increased roadside drug testing in Victoria

As we approach the Festive Season, also called affectionately the Silly Season, one thing you can expect in addition to more parties and social gatherings, is an increase in roadside drug testing in Victoria. As highlighted on Victoria’s Transport Accident

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Workplace drug testing laws

One of the questions we regularly get asked at Integrity Sampling is about workplace drug testing laws. It’s understandable that some workplaces are concerned that there might be laws relating to drug testing that they don’t know about, or they

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