Month: January 2019

The potential consequences of illegal drugs

If you take illegal drugs, whether it’s occasional usage for recreational purposes or more regularly for pain or addiction, there’s a fair chance you kid yourself that it’s not doing you any harm or the consequences of doing drugs isn’t

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Drugs and alcohol in Western Australian workplaces

It’s probably safe to assume we all know about the dangers of alcohol and other drugs on Western Australia’s roads, but what about the danger in our workplaces? Western Australia’s Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety has developed an

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Drug and alcohol testing round the clock

While you’ve been tucking into roasts and Christmas pudding, having a few drinks on New Year’s Eve, sleeping in and going to the beach or parks, some of Integrity Sampling’s 80 plus technicians have been conducting drug and alcohol testing

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Drug and alcohol testing in Queensland not just random

While most of us aren’t exposed to drug and alcohol testing very often, when we are it’s usually random testing. And, for most of us, it will be on Queensland roads. You’ll be stopped by the Queensland Police and asked

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Roadside alcohol testing and lessons for the workplace

What are the lessons from alcohol, road safety and alcohol testing on our roads, that we should use in our workplace? Firstly, we know that alcohol is a major factor in road deaths and serious injuries on our roads. For

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Workplace drug testing in Victoria a safety imperative

If you own or manage a workplace in Victoria where safety is a priority – think mining, manufacturing, transportation, aviation, agriculture and other industries – if you’re not already conducting drug testing as part of a drug and alcohol policy

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Vehicle interlocks saving lives

Vehicle interlock alcohol testing systems may be potentially lifesaving devices, but if you have to use one hour and hour, day after day, week after week, they soon become an annoying part of your life. An alcohol ignition interlock device

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