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The agony and the ecstasy

While the drug ICE is getting plenty of attention in the media, other drugs, such as ecstasy, are still popular amongst users. In fact, research shows that 10.9% of Australians aged 14 years and over have tried ecstasy and 2.5%

How dangerous is the drug ICE?

A recent report on ABC’s 7.30 has investigated just how dangerous the drug ICE can be and whether the reports of full-scale addiction are true. In the report, recreational users of the drug claim they use ICE to be stimulated,

Victorian Police target truck drivers on drugs

Truck drivers who use drugs while they are behind the wheel are being targeted by the Victorian Police, with more roadside checks to be carried out, according to a recent article in the Herald Sun. The move comes after significant

60 Minutes of the ICE age

A 60 Minutes story on the dangers of the drug ICE has aired on Channel 9. In the story, crystal meth, or ICE, is described as the perfect destructive drug, because it’s easy to make, cheap to buy and highly

Cannabis and mental health

We all know that it’s dangerous to use cannabis before driving or going to work, because of the way it affects our brains, sight and abilities, in addition to the risk of a positive drug test. But is cannabis bad

National taskforce to tackle ICE

The Commonwealth Government has announced the formation of a taskforce to tackle the drug ICE. The taskforce will be led by Ken Lay who until recently was Chief Commissioner of Victoria Police. The purpose of the taskforce will look at

Truckies on ICE

Truckies are allegedly running organised drug syndicates, a front page story in the Herald Sun on April 7 claims. The article states that allegedly the truckies are dealing ice and other drugs to other truck drivers while on the job.

Drug survey pleasure and pain

A worldwide drug survey in 2014 and involving close to 80,000 people has provided some interesting insights into the behaviours of drug users. Held by Global Drug Survey, the survey focuses not just on illegal drugs but also alcohol and