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John is the Queensland Manager of Integrity Sampling QLD and is based in the Brisbane office. Integrity Sampling provides its range of drug and alcohol management services, including drug and alcohol testing, right across the state. You can connect with John Lorenzen on LinkedIn

Brisbane south wakes up to drug and alcohol testing

Operation Wake Up has started on Brisbane south roads, with drug testing and alcohol testing two of the key tactics that Queensland Police will be using. The major road operation will run on Brisbane south roads between November and December.

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The cost of not conducting drug and alcohol testing in Queensland

If you’re a Queensland business owner or manager, why should you conduct drug and alcohol testing in your workplace? There are many reasons why drug and alcohol testing in a Queensland workplace, or any workplace in Australia for that matter,

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Saliva drug testing in Brisbane

What’s in your saliva could cost you more than you think, if you take drugs and drive on Brisbane roads. But how is your saliva going to make you fall foul of the Police? It’s all to do with saliva

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Drugs testing in Queensland

Sportspeople have done it for years and it’s now commonplace on our roads and in our workplaces. Now it’s becoming common in our prisons and drug testing in Queensland prisons is certainly throwing up some interesting results! According to an

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Drugs in workplaces widespread in Queensland

We carry on a lot about the need for workplace drug testing in Queensland and across Australia, but it is for good reason. Not only does evidence prove that illegal drugs are used by many Australians, we also know from

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Cannabis a significant focus of drug testing in Queensland

Over the last several years, the drug ICE has received plenty of attention in Australia. It’s an insidious drug and the side effects can be significant, so you wouldn’t be surprised to know that ICE is one of the main

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Constructing a plan to combat drugs and alcohol in your Queensland workplace

An article on the Worksafe Queensland website highlights that workers in the construction industry are among those at greatest risk of using drugs. So, if your Queensland business works in construction, what are you doing to combat the risk of

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Queensland drug testing using the toilet!

Next time you go to the toilet in your Queensland home or workplace, think of this. When you flush, you may be contributing in a small but important way to a drug testing study. So what is your flush going

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Why conduct drug testing in your Queensland workplace?

If you’re a Queensland business owner or manager and you’re considering conducting drug testing in your workplace, one of the major reasons for doing so is safety. The effects of drugs are widely documented and having someone in your workplace

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Drug testing on Queensland road a necessity

Like other states, drug testing on Queensland roads has its share of criticism, chief being that roadside drug testing catches people who are safe to drive and therefore shouldn’t be punished. However, with Australian states using the latest saliva drug

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