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News and views on workplace alcohol testing

Alcohol testing levels questioned by judge

In what’s likely to have police and others shaking their heads in disbelief, a judge in Queensland has allegedly questioned whether the allowed blood alcohol levels on our roads are too low. The judge’s comments followed a case where a

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Drink driving still an issue in Tasmania

With a lot of media attention on drugs and drug testing – with around 10% of those drug tested on Australian roads recording a positive result – it’s sometimes easy to forget that the misuse of alcohol is still a

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Alcohol testing in the air – should your pilot be in the cockpit?

Would you hop on an airplane if you knew the pilot had been drinking alcohol? You might be surprised to hear that while it’s not common, it’s certainly not unheard of for a pilot to fail alcohol testing, and, as

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Testing the limits of high level alcohol readings

This week news broke of a Victorian politician who’d been picked up during roadside alcohol testing with a relatively high level of alcohol in his blood while driving. The politician’s indiscretions, unfortunately, reflect general society. Everyday, someone, somewhere is caught

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Alcohol test with a difference!

We’re not sure whether to shake our heads or laugh at the news that a woman in Logan, south of Brisbane, has failed an alcohol test. Now, we certainly know it’s not funny when someone blows over 0.05 BAC during

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Can you pass an alcohol test but still be unsafe?

You’re heading to work after a late night out, drinking with the boys at the local hotel while watching footy. You’re feeling a bit seedy but you can’t afford any more sick days, so you’re trying to do the right

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Alcohol testing on Tasmania’s high seas

We’ve probably all experienced alcohol testing on the roads and some people may have experienced it at work, but did you know that you can also be stopped for alcohol testing in Tasmania on the water? According to Tasmania Police,

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Alcohol testing times for health

It seems that every time there is a link between alcohol and improved health the media jump all over it, seemingly trying to convince everyone that if you drink alcohol you’re more likely to live longer than if you don’t.

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Random drug testing and alcohol testing at the crossroads in Tasmania

Tasmania Police were kept busy during the festive season with random drug testing and alcohol testing carried out in large numbers. According to The Examiner, Tasmania Police carried out more than 37,000 random drug and alcohol tests on the state’s

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Drug and alcohol testing two of the priorities in Queensland

While the festive period may be over, police in Queensland are still firmly focussed on keeping the road toll down, with drug and alcohol testing two of their key tools. Queensland’s 50-day Christmas Road Safety Campaign ends on January 25

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