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The importance of educating employees about drugs and alcohol, so they understand their responsibilities and can make informed choices.

Drugs and alcohol in the workplace

Drugs and alcohol are an issue in society in general, so there’s no surprise that it can also be an issue in the Australian workplace. So how big is the issue of drugs and alcohol in the workplace and what

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Protect your business from drugs and alcohol at any time of the year

Christmas and New Year can be a nervous time for workplace owners and managers – and it’s not just the worry of getting the right presents for loved ones! That’s because at this time of the year, more than any

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Drugs and alcohol in your Tasmania workplace

In a recent issue of the quarterly Workplace Issues Magazine, WorkSafe Tasmania has shed light on just how serious of the issue of alcohol and drugs in the workplace and the community in general is. According to the article, “Alcohol

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Death from methamphetamines a chilling message

With continuing media attention on methamphetamines, commonly called ICE or crystal meth, it’s easy to assume that issues relating to the drug are growing. And with the recent release of data by the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, there

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Drug and alcohol education vital for your Queensland business

You’ve developed your workplace drug and alcohol policy and procedures and you’ve organised one of Integrity Sampling’s Queensland branches to conduct drug and alcohol testing for you. Can you relax, secure in the knowledge that you’re doing all you can

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Global Drug Survey yields interesting results

It’s the biggest drug survey in the world and the results are a look into the dark and not-so-dark side of illicit as well as non-illicit drugs. The Global Drug Survey 2017 researched the drug-taking habits of 120,000 people across

Breaking the ICE

There is plenty of attention on ICE, but for those lucky enough not to have used the drug, or have a family member or friend who is addicted, it can be easy to dismiss the drug’s addictive powers and its

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Binge drinking a concern or an Aussie alcohol rite of passage?

Most of us Aussies love a drink of alcohol. For many, alcohol is with us when we relax after a tough day, when we enjoy the company of friends and forms a key part of our social make-up. But what

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Is the ICE Wars message overblown?

There has been plenty of media attention on the drug ICE over the last several years, highlighting just how insidious the drug is. This attention has ramped up recently with the series ICE Wars airing on the ABC, which shows

Why do people take drugs?

As a business owner or manager, or a police person on our roads, when someone provides a positive test to drugs during workplace drug testing or roadside drug testing you may wonder why people do it. Why do people take

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