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A robust and detailed drug and alcohol policy is a vital aspect of any workplace drug and alcohol management plan

Protect your business from drugs and alcohol at any time of the year

Christmas and New Year can be a nervous time for workplace owners and managers – and it’s not just the worry of getting the right presents for loved ones! That’s because at this time of the year, more than any

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What’s your drug and alcohol policy Victoria?

One of the questions we frequently get asked is about drug and alcohol policy development, and specifically, how do I develop a drug and alcohol policy for my Victorian or Australian business? Fair enough, as it can be a daunting

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Why do people take drugs?

As a business owner or manager, or a police person on our roads, when someone provides a positive test to drugs during workplace drug testing or roadside drug testing you may wonder why people do it. Why do people take

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Australian workplace drug testing laws – where do I stand?

For a business contemplating the introduction of drug testing to their workplace, two of their key concerns are often how their employees will react and where do they stand in terms of Australian workplace drug testing laws. So let’s take

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Workplace drugs and alcohol policy essential

Does your business have a workplace drugs and alcohol policy? If you have a policy, does it sit on the shelf gathering dust or do you regularly act on the policy? Why is it essential to have a workplace drugs

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What’s your policy on drugs and alcohol?

When we ask, ‘What’s your policy when it comes to drugs and alcohol?’ we’re not questioning whether you think it’s OK to have a third drink while watching the footy. We’re more concerned with your drugs and alcohol policy at

Employees need to weigh up drug and alcohol risks

If you’re an employee, what risk do you face by coming to work under the influence of drugs or alcohol? The most obvious risk is that you’ll be caught and potentially lose your job, but that’s certainly not the only

Alcohol in the workplace a serious issue

We’ve all been warned about the dangers of driving while under the influence of alcohol – and for good reason – but less is mentioned about the danger in our workplaces. A recent poll conducted by the Australian Drug Foundation

Testing of workers now even more important

An extensive survey of nearly 10,000 Australian workers has found that more than 5% of people admit to having worked under the influence of alcohol. In addition, one in 50 or 2% confessed to attending work affected by a psychoactive

Drug use growing in older people

It’s often thought that drug use is mainly an issue for the young, but the release of a recent report shows that older people are also seeking treatment for alcohol and drug dependence. The Alcohol and other drug treatment services in