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Drug and alcohol testing of pollies?

One of the most common comments Integrity Sampling receives on its Facebook posts is that drug and alcohol testing on our roadsides is about revenue raising and that it’s politicians that should be tested rather than road users. While we

New drug and alcohol testing bus hits the streets in Victoria

As we highlighted in a post earlier this week, a new drug and alcohol testing bus was recently unveiled in Victoria. It’s the first of a fleet of 10 new drug and alcohol testing buses for Victoria, which will replace

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Drug and alcohol testing a focus over Easter

While the Easter Bunny, chocolates and hot cross buns will be top of mind for many in our community over the coming week, for police, keeping the road toll down will be the major focus. And one of their key

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Stars and stripes of drug and alcohol testing

In Australia, it’s estimated that around 15 per cent of employees are subject to workplace drug and alcohol testing. And the number is growing, with an estimated 10% increase in the figures in last 10 years alone. While these figures

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Drugs and drug testing a worldwide issue

Here at Integrity Sampling, we understand our job is serious and carries a lot of responsibility. When conducting drug and alcohol testing in particular, we appreciate that it’s an important job and we’re helping to improve safety in the workplace,

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Random drug testing and alcohol testing at the crossroads in Tasmania

Tasmania Police were kept busy during the festive season with random drug testing and alcohol testing carried out in large numbers. According to The Examiner, Tasmania Police carried out more than 37,000 random drug and alcohol tests on the state’s

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Drug and alcohol testing two of the priorities in Queensland

While the festive period may be over, police in Queensland are still firmly focussed on keeping the road toll down, with drug and alcohol testing two of their key tools. Queensland’s 50-day Christmas Road Safety Campaign ends on January 25

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Drug and alcohol testing in WA a workplace imperative

If you own or manage a business in WA and don’t conduct drug testing of your workforce and don’t take steps to protect you and your business from issues of drugs and alcohol, you should be. But don’t take our

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Drug and alcohol testing in Queensland gets heavy

If you’re a truck driver, bus driver or other heavy vehicle operator in Queensland, you may have been required to take part in alcohol and drug testing recently, thanks to Operation Austrans. Operation Austrans is an initiative held regularly across

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Alcohol and drug testing in Tasmania

“Should you introduce alcohol and drug testing?” is a question asked by WorkSafe Tasmania in a recent edition of its Workplace Issues newsletter. The article highlights that drug and alcohol testing in your Tasmanian workplace isn’t just a way to

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