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What’s your drug and alcohol policy Tasmania?

Thinking about Christmas parties in early October may sound a bit premature (a bit like some shopping centres who put up Christmas decorations at this time of the year!) but with the party season fast approaching there’s no better time

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Not all ship-shape for drug testing in Western Australia

If you drive on the roads in Western Australia you can be asked to undergo random drug testing and random alcohol testing. If you are employed in some workplaces you may be required to undergo drug and alcohol testing as

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Drug and alcohol testing in the news

Drugs and alcohol were in the news in Australia over the weekend, with a tragedy and what could have been a catastrophe making headlines. Testing of drugs at events hotly debated The first involved the deaths of two people and

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Roadside drug and alcohol testing gets tough in Victoria

Tougher penalties mean that if you get caught in alcohol testing or drug testing on Melbourne and Victoria’s roads, you’re going to be hit harder in the pocket and are likely to spend more time off the roads. Get caught

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Drug and alcohol testing for ambulance officers

We know that ambulance officers often respond to drug and alcohol overdoses, and are sometimes subjected to violence from those affected by drugs and alcohol, but we often forget that ambulance officers can also have issues with drugs and alcohol.

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Drug and alcohol testing of pollies?

One of the most common comments Integrity Sampling receives on its Facebook posts is that drug and alcohol testing on our roadsides is about revenue raising and that it’s politicians that should be tested rather than road users. While we

New drug and alcohol testing bus hits the streets in Victoria

As we highlighted in a post earlier this week, a new drug and alcohol testing bus was recently unveiled in Victoria. It’s the first of a fleet of 10 new drug and alcohol testing buses for Victoria, which will replace

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Drug and alcohol testing a focus over Easter

While the Easter Bunny, chocolates and hot cross buns will be top of mind for many in our community over the coming week, for police, keeping the road toll down will be the major focus. And one of their key

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Stars and stripes of drug and alcohol testing

In Australia, it’s estimated that around 15 per cent of employees are subject to workplace drug and alcohol testing. And the number is growing, with an estimated 10% increase in the figures in last 10 years alone. While these figures

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Drug and alcohol testing in Western Australia a huge task

We all know that Western Australia is a huge state and its sheer size can cause issues for service and product supply. You might think the same issues apply if you’re a workplace that needs to conduct drug and alcohol

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