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News and views on workplace drug testing

Drug testing results in Victoria regional area alarming

One in four roadside drug testing results in a regional area of Victoria are coming back positive, in an alarming trend. The news surfaced in a recent article in the Ballarat Courier, which quoted Ballarat Police Inspector Trevor Cornwill. “The

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The cold, hard facts about ICE

There has been so much attention on the drug ICE in the last few years that you could be forgiven for thinking that every 10th person was using the drug and that its effects left users with uncontrollable aggression. So,

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Workplace drug testing highlights drop in opiate positives

The change that requires those who want to purchase painkillers containing codeine to see a doctor for a prescription, instead of purchasing over the counter, appears to have resulted in a reduction in the number of positive workplace drug testing

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Saliva drug testing in Brisbane

What’s in your saliva could cost you more than you think, if you take drugs and drive on Brisbane roads. But how is your saliva going to make you fall foul of the Police? It’s all to do with saliva

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Drug and alcohol testing in the news

Drugs and alcohol were in the news in Australia over the weekend, with a tragedy and what could have been a catastrophe making headlines. Testing of drugs at events hotly debated The first involved the deaths of two people and

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Positive drug test by Victorian AFL player in the spotlight

Every year in September, Victorians are glued to their TV sets to watch the AFL Finals series. While most of the focus is on what’s happening on the field, occasionally an off-field incident occurs to take some of the focus

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Drugs and alcohol feature in Tasmania’s “fatal five” on the roads

An article in The Advocate Newspaper has highlighted the role that drugs and alcohol play in fatal accidents on Tasmania’s roads. According to the article, Tasmania Police include drugs and alcohol as a single factor in the state’s fatal five

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Urine drug testing

We’ve regularly said that saliva testing methodology is a better way to conduct workplace drug testing than urine drug testing, and one of the key reasons we’ve provided is intrusiveness. That is, some people will feel embarrassed or believe their

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Saliva testing v urine testing for your Perth business

Do you own a business in Perth? Do you conduct drug testing? If yes, or if you are considering introducing drug testing for your Perth business, you have two main choices – saliva testing or urine testing? On the face

Drugs testing in Queensland

Sportspeople have done it for years and it’s now commonplace on our roads and in our workplaces. Now it’s becoming common in our prisons and drug testing in Queensland prisons is certainly throwing up some interesting results! According to an

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