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Random drug testing on Queensland roadsides

Random drug testing on Queensland roads may include random in the title, but there’s nothing random or haphazard about the process that is followed. As well as obvious legal reasons, the process ensures that testing identifies those people who are

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The bad, the ugly and the very ugly of random drug testing in Victoria

With around 1 in 10 drivers failing random drug testing on Victoria’s roadsides, you’d think the news just couldn’t get any uglier. But when you look at some of the individual cases, perhaps you’d disagree. Alleged ICE affected truck driver

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Drug testing in Tasmania kicking goals

We know that random drug testing in Tasmania is carried out on our roadsides and in our workplaces, but now there are calls to implement it in local football! According to ABC News, the calls for random drug testing in

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Can you refuse random drug testing at work?

After a big weekend with mates, where you consumed a few beers and took ICE, you rock up to work on Monday morning feeling a little under the weather and tired. If you were honest with yourself, you’re probably still

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Drug testing in Western Australia – ICE not the only target

There’s been a lot of media attention lately in Western Australia on drugs. In particular, there’s the continuing attention on ICE use in this state, and given that we remain the highest users of the drug in the nation, that’s

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Urine drug testing for your Brisbane business

If you still use records or cassettes to play music, you’re probably not the type of person who adapts to change well. And perhaps the same can be said for those Brisbane businesses that still conduct urine drug testing. It

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Hemp and workplace drug testing is food for thought

There has been a lot of debate in recent years over medicinal cannabis and its legalisation in Australia, now it’s the turn of close relative, hemp. The sale of low THC hemp seed foods will soon be permitted in this

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Opioids such as codeine not a good choice for chronic pain

If you’ve had chronic back pain or other long term pain in the past 30 years of so, chances are you were prescribed or taken over the counter opioid medication such as codeine to treat the pain. Now a study

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Workplace drug testing the only way to identify a person on drugs

Would you be able to spot someone who’s taken drugs in your workplace? There are plenty of people who think they can spot someone who is under the influence of drugs and, therefore, don’t think they need to conduct workplace

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Drug testing in WA using an X-ray!

We’ve all heard plenty about drug testing on our roads, but the WA Police are going to new levels to detect drugs on their roads… And they won’t need to pull up a single driver to conduct the testing. The

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