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Refuse a drug test and face the consequences

We’ve pondered the question on whether you can refuse a drug test at work in our blog, but what about on our roads? That is, can you refuse a drug test if stopped by police during roadside drug testing? Can

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Drug testing on Queensland road a necessity

Like other states, drug testing on Queensland roads has its share of criticism, chief being that roadside drug testing catches people who are safe to drive and therefore shouldn’t be punished. However, with Australian states using the latest saliva drug

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Saliva drug testing on Brisbane roads and workplaces

If you’ve ever been stopped on a Brisbane road for drug testing, you’ll know at least a little about saliva testing methods. You’ll know that it’s easy and quick, which, unless you record a positive saliva test, makes the process

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Education and training a vital part of workplace drug testing

You’ve developed a drugs and alcohol policy for your business and are conducting regular workplace drug testing, so you now relax knowing you’ve done all you can to protect your business against the misuse of drugs and alcohol… Or have

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Are drugs affecting your health?

In last week’s post we looked at the effects of alcohol on your health and the risks you may be taking if you drink to excess. This week, we’ll take a look at drugs and the dangers that both illicit

Is alcohol affecting your health?

Some of our posts focus on alcohol and the affects it has on people’s ability to drive and work. For employees, we ask questions such as, should you be at work and would you pass an alcohol or drug test?

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Fentanyl can be a killer

As we’ve mentioned before in our posts, while illicit drugs are of prime concern to employers because of the dangers of having employees high on illegal drugs roaming workplaces, when it comes to drug induced deaths it’s not illegal drugs

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Victoria’s first ‘safe’ injecting room for drugs

In a bid to tackle what it calls ‘skyrocketing ICE and heroin deaths’, the Victorian Government has announced plans for a two-year trial of a medically supervised injecting room for drugs. The room, which many are incorrectly labelling as a

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Cannabis has no place at work

It may be far and away the most popular illegal drug in Australia – in fact, we’re one of the highest users of the drug in the world – but that doesn’t make it a safe drug, particularly when mixed

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Drug deaths on the rise

It’s a sobering thought for business owners and managers who are concerned about the affect that alcohol and drugs can have on their workplace – drug deaths in Australia are on the rise. It’s yet another indicator that shows that

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