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Victoria’s first ‘safe’ injecting room for drugs

In a bid to tackle what it calls ‘skyrocketing ICE and heroin deaths’, the Victorian Government has announced plans for a two-year trial of a medically supervised injecting room for drugs. The room, which many are incorrectly labelling as a

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Cannabis has no place at work

It may be far and away the most popular illegal drug in Australia – in fact, we’re one of the highest users of the drug in the world – but that doesn’t make it a safe drug, particularly when mixed

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Drug deaths on the rise

It’s a sobering thought for business owners and managers who are concerned about the affect that alcohol and drugs can have on their workplace – drug deaths in Australia are on the rise. It’s yet another indicator that shows that

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Drugs a killer in Tasmania

Per capita, Tasmanians are the highest drug users in Australia and if you think it’s young people that are the stereotypical drug user, think again. The dishonorable title of the nation’s highest rate of drug users and image of the

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Cocaine on the rise

While there’s a lot of attention in the media on the drug ICE, other drugs are also causing issues in our communities and workplaces, including cocaine. Recently, the Alcohol and Drug Foundation (ADF) highlighted that there’s a lot of speculation

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Drugs and alcohol in the workplace not just an employer’s concern

Many businesses around Australia are decreasing their health and safety risks by implementing management programs that aim to reduce the impact of drugs and alcohol in their workplaces. But a safe workplace is not just an employer’s responsibility. Ultimately, every

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Fentanyl misuse on the rise

If you think illicit drugs such as ICE, cocaine and heroin are the major contributors to accidental overdose deaths in Australia, you’d be wrong. In fact, they’re not even close. In 2014 alone, prescription medications were responsible for 69% of

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Opioids such as codeine not a good choice for chronic pain

If you’ve had chronic back pain or other long term pain in the past 30 years of so, chances are you were prescribed or taken over the counter opioid medication such as codeine to treat the pain. Now a study

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Random drug testing makes budget headlines

One of the more newsworthy (and controversial) announcements in the recent 2017 Budget is a plan to trial random drug testing for Newstart and Youth Allowances recipients in targeted areas. The 2-year trial will see 5000 new recipients of the

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Binge drinking a concern or an Aussie alcohol rite of passage?

Most of us Aussies love a drink of alcohol. For many, alcohol is with us when we relax after a tough day, when we enjoy the company of friends and forms a key part of our social make-up. But what

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