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Support for employees who have issues with drug and alcohol

Protect your business from drugs and alcohol at any time of the year

Christmas and New Year can be a nervous time for workplace owners and managers – and it’s not just the worry of getting the right presents for loved ones! That’s because at this time of the year, more than any

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Breaking the ICE

There is plenty of attention on ICE, but for those lucky enough not to have used the drug, or have a family member or friend who is addicted, it can be easy to dismiss the drug’s addictive powers and its

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Is the ICE Wars message overblown?

There has been plenty of media attention on the drug ICE over the last several years, highlighting just how insidious the drug is. This attention has ramped up recently with the series ICE Wars airing on the ABC, which shows

You failed a workplace drug test – what now?

You’ve failed a workplace drug test, so what happens now? In a recent blog (see What happens if you fail a workplace drug test?) we looked at the importance of additional testing to verify a positive drug test. But what

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Drug and alcohol support vital in the workplace

If you own or manage an Australian workplace, having a robust drug and alcohol management policy is a vital part of an overall health and safety plan. And a vital part of any good drug and alcohol policy will be

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Shades of grey when conducting drug and alcohol testing for your Perth workplace

If you conduct alcohol testing or drug testing in your Perth workplace, you’d probably expect that it’s the younger members of your workforce that are more likely to return a positive result. But recent research suggests that might not be

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Saliva the best workplace drug testing method

The debate over whether saliva drug testing is a more accurate and reliable method of detecting drugs than urine drug testing has raged for years. And, despite plenty of evidence that shows that saliva drug testing is the better method,

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Drug and alcohol support vital

Workplace drug and alcohol support is a vital aspect of any drug and alcohol management plan. But for many businesses, providing the support required to help their workers who present with issues relating to drugs or alcohol can be difficult.

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The First Step in drug and alcohol education

Workplace drug and alcohol education is an important part of any good drug and alcohol management plan and that’s why Integrity Sampling is proud to be a supporter of First Step and its upcoming event on ‘Substance Use and Mental

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