Drug and alcohol management programs

Integrity Sampling’s Drug and Alcohol Management Programs (DAMP) comprise all of our best strategies to enhance fitness for work in your workplace.

Drug and Alcohol Programs aim to assist employers and employees to understand and manage alcohol and other drug issues within the workplace.

Integrity Sampling makes it our mission to implement the best control strategies for Drug and Alcohol Management within your organisation.

We provide information and education on drug and alcohol use to both employers and employees and implement Workplace Drug and Alcohol Management Policy’s. Integrity Sampling’s personnel ensures that throughout the development of a policy, all participants within your organisation are given a sense of ownership in the Policy process. This element of familiarity ensures that employees are more receptive to the Program.

What do these new programs mean for you?

  • Ease of management – we develop, implement and manage the DAMP for you.
  • Maximum deterrent effect – random testing is optimised for your workplace.
  • Affordability – each of our programs can be tailored to suit your budget.

Implementation of a DAMP is easy for Integrity Sampling as it is our sole business, or if you prefer, “our day job”.

Often there are concerns regarding confidentiality and privacy when DAMP’s are introduced into the workplace. Integrity Sampling work through these issues with you and offer further information on Drug Testing and Alcohol Testing. Further information on the effects of Drugs and Alcohol can be found by visiting our Alcohol Facts and Drug Facts pages.

Having a Drug and Alcohol Management Program (DAMP) demonstrates that your organisation is committed to a safe and healthy workplace.

For further information on these services and to get started on a Workplace Drug and Alcohol Management Program for your organisation, contact us today! Integrity Sampling has locations throughout Australia.