Saliva drug testing

If you suspect that an employee may be under the influence of drugs, you want to know now, not days later when the danger to the employee and others has passed.

Integrity Sampling is one of the few Australian companies to offer saliva drug testing for workplaces. Saliva drug testing (or oral fluid drug testing) has several advantages over traditional urine testing methods.

Advantages of saliva drug testing

  • Drug testing using saliva is quick, with results available in as little as 5 minutes. This is important for businesses because it reduces downtime and allows more people to be tested, so that anyone who may be under the influence of drugs is detected and removed from the workplace before they can injure themselves or someone else. Compare this with laboratory based urine testing, where results can take days rather than minutes. You may detect people who have taken drugs but you can’t make the workplace safe straight away.
  • Saliva drug testing is non-intrusive and can be done virtually anywhere, in the workplace, in an office or in the lunchroom. Urine testing needs to be done around restroom facilities and, for some people, can make them feel uncomfortable.
  • Testing using saliva is accurate. In fact, using the Drager 5000 drug testing unit (see below), results of 99% accuracy rate and greater are achieved.

Saliva drug testing has also been approved by Fair Work Australia. Recently, they upheld a decision to ban urine testing at a NSW Government-owned electricity company because they believed urine testing is unjust.

Saliva drug testing with Drager equipment

Saliva drug testing equipment

Integrity Sampling uses the Drager Drug Test 5000 for its saliva drug testing. This device is similar to the units being used by the Victorian Police and other law enforcement agencies in Australia and globally, including the United Kingdom where the Drager DT5000 was recently chosen for their testing regimes. The Drager device was also given the tick of approval by a joint Department of Forensic Medicine at Monash University and Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine assessment.

So for the best saliva drug testing service in Australia, the service that uses the Drager DT5000 saliva drug testing devices, phone Integrity Sampling on 1300 SALIVA (725482).

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Urine drug testing

While we highly recommend saliva drug testing, we can undertake urine testing at your business if you prefer.

While we believe saliva drug testing is the best method for testing for drugs, we understand that there are businesses that prefer urine testing, so we can undertake urine testing at your facility.

More information on saliva drug testing

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