Workplace alcohol testing

The misuse of alcohol costs Australian businesses millions of dollars every year. In fact, the Australian Drug Foundation estimates that the use of alcohol and drugs is costing Australian businesses $5.2 billion a year. These losses are due to lost productivity and employee absenteeism. Furthermore, alcohol use is responsible for five per cent of all Australian workplace deaths and up to 11 per cent of non-fatal injuries.

If you own or manage a workplace, you can’t afford to turn a blind-eye to the affects of alcohol in your workplace. You must implement workplace alcohol testing.

Implementing an effective workplace alcohol testing program

Implementing an accurate and effective workplace alcohol testing program is one of the ways you can help protect your business and improve the safety of your workers.

Integrity Sampling can help you implement and manage a workplace alcohol testing program. Our services include pre-employment alcohol testing, cause testing if a manager or supervisor feels an employee is not fit to work, alcohol testing following an incident and random drug testing. If you don’t run a 9 to 5 business or have workers on the road or off-site, we can also support you. Our experienced technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year and can conduct testing anywhere that’s required.

Our accredited technicians use only the most modern, accurate and effective equipment available. We can provide virtually instant workplace alcohol testing results, to ensure that you can take any required action immediately.

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Workplace alcohol testing