Workplace drug testing

Whether it’s illicit drugs or misuse of prescribed drugs, drugs are a significant issue in all parts of society. The workplace certainly doesn’t escape the reach of drugs. which is why workplace drug testing is vital.

In fact, the Australian Drug Foundation estimates that the use of drugs and alcohol is costing Australian workplaces $5.2 billion a year, due to lost productivity and employee absenteeism.

Workplace drug testing a vital tool

Implementing a rigorous workplace drug testing program is a vital tool in reducing the risks to workplaces of drugs.

Integrity Sampling can help you implement a workplace drug testing program. Whether you need support with pre-employment testing, cause testing, incident testing or random drug testing, Integrity Sampling’s accredited technicians have the experience do the job. We only use state-of-the-art equipment that can provide a testing accuracy of 99%. We can support your at any time of the day or night and conduct drug testing on the road or off-site, wherever your employees are at risk.

As well as improving safety and safeguarding your business, workplace drug testing can help you improve absenteeism and productivity, and reduce crime and violence in your workplace.

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Workplace drug testing