Home drug testing fails Tasmanian worker

As we’ve mentioned before in our blogs, if you use a home drug testing or alcohol testing kit only do so as a guide, as a person in Tasmania found out the hard way. As reported on news.com.au recently, the

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Drug testing and ecstasy – what’s your chances?

Imagine you are one of the 2.2% of Australians over the age of 14 who have used ecstasy in the past year. Now imagine you took an ecstasy pill or two last night, while enjoying a late session with your

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Calls for drug testing shake up in WA

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry in WA has called for more support for employers in a range of matters relating to drugs in the workplace, including drug testing. The call follows new data released by the Chamber of Commerce

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Drugs in the workplace

Drugs in the workplace are a serious issue in Australia. But you don’t need to rely on our word for how big the issue is. Take the word of the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, which estimates that alcohol and misuse

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Saliva drug testing on Brisbane roads and workplaces

If you’ve ever been stopped on a Brisbane road for drug testing, you’ll know at least a little about saliva testing methods. You’ll know that it’s easy and quick, which, unless you record a positive saliva test, makes the process

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What’s the link between codeine and drug testing?

There’s been plenty of attention on codeine in the media in the past week, due to a change that came into affect last Friday. So what is the change and why will this impact drug testing? Codeine now needs prescription

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Drug testing in Victoria in the news

Drug testing in Victoria has been in the news of late and it’s not just people who have been driving vehicles while under the influence of drugs that have been in the spotlight. This follows news that Victoria Police are

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Saliva drug testing in force

Saliva drug testing is used widely these days, particularly by police forces around the world to detect people who are influenced by drugs on our roads, as well as in workplaces. So, if you take a drug on the weekend

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Random drug testing and alcohol testing at the crossroads in Tasmania

Tasmania Police were kept busy during the festive season with random drug testing and alcohol testing carried out in large numbers. According to The Examiner, Tasmania Police carried out more than 37,000 random drug and alcohol tests on the state’s

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Education and training a vital part of workplace drug testing

You’ve developed a drugs and alcohol policy for your business and are conducting regular workplace drug testing, so you now relax knowing you’ve done all you can to protect your business against the misuse of drugs and alcohol… Or have

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