Hobart drug testing nabs motorists

A Mercury article has revealed that 8 out of 10 drivers who underwent drug testing in a Hobart major traffic operation on the weekend tested positive to drugs. That’s a staggering 80% of drivers tested! It’s worth pointing out that

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Drug and alcohol testing of pollies?

One of the most common comments Integrity Sampling receives on its Facebook posts is that drug and alcohol testing on our roadsides is about revenue raising and that it’s politicians that should be tested rather than road users. While we

Drugs and alcohol in the workplace

Drugs and alcohol are an issue in society in general, so there’s no surprise that it can also be an issue in the Australian workplace. So how big is the issue of drugs and alcohol in the workplace and what

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Why conduct drug testing in your Queensland workplace?

If you’re a Queensland business owner or manager and you’re considering conducting drug testing in your workplace, one of the major reasons for doing so is safety. The effects of drugs are widely documented and having someone in your workplace

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Can you pass an alcohol test but still be unsafe?

You’re heading to work after a late night out, drinking with the boys at the local hotel while watching footy. You’re feeling a bit seedy but you can’t afford any more sick days, so you’re trying to do the right

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New drug and alcohol testing bus hits the streets in Victoria

As we highlighted in a post earlier this week, a new drug and alcohol testing bus was recently unveiled in Victoria. It’s the first of a fleet of 10 new drug and alcohol testing buses for Victoria, which will replace

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Drug and alcohol testing a focus over Easter

While the Easter Bunny, chocolates and hot cross buns will be top of mind for many in our community over the coming week, for police, keeping the road toll down will be the major focus. And one of their key

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Alcohol testing on Tasmania’s high seas

We’ve probably all experienced alcohol testing on the roads and some people may have experienced it at work, but did you know that you can also be stopped for alcohol testing in Tasmania on the water? According to Tasmania Police,

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Refuse a drug test and face the consequences

We’ve pondered the question on whether you can refuse a drug test at work in our blog, but what about on our roads? That is, can you refuse a drug test if stopped by police during roadside drug testing? Can

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Random drug testing in WA, anywhere, anytime

Police have had the ability to conduct random drug testing on WA roads for some time, but now the process is even more portable with new roadside drug testing kits being rolled out. According to a media release by the