Urine drug testing or saliva testing for your WA business? The choice is clear

If you’re considering implementing drug testing in your Perth or WA business there is a choice you need to make – do you use urine drug testing or saliva drug testing? In theory this might seem like a simple choice

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Workplace drug testing spreads its wings!

You might expect to see workplace drug testing being carried out in industries such as mining, transportation and construction, but perhaps not in shearing sheds and beaches! On the beaches Bondi Beach may be well-known for many things, and you

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Drug use in Tasmania gets local attention

Community groups across Australia are joining forces to deliver targeted local action to help tackle drug use and addiction, with the campaign being warmly welcomed in Tasmania. Supported by the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, the first 40 Local Drug Action

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Workplace drug testing not just a necessity in Australia

With all the media attention on drugs, particularly the drug ICE, you could be forgiven for thinking that Australia is the only place on the planet where drugs are a problem, and strategies such as workplace drug testing was a

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Driving high – drug and alcohol testing in Queensland still a focus

While the wet conditions will remain a prime focus in Queensland, on the roads drug and alcohol testing will be ramping up as part of Queensland Police’s major focus on road safety leading up to and over Easter. The Easter

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Are breathalysers accurate?

It’s the morning after a big night out and you wake up feeling like an insect has been crawling around the inside of your mouth and someone’s been working with a jackhammer on your head. While a hot shower and

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Mobile drug testing for your Melbourne workplace

It’s seems that nearly everything can be delivered to your door these days – takeaway and gourmet food, online purchases, alcohol, flowers and plenty more. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that mobile drug testing in Melbourne can come to

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Drug testing turns to waste (water)

While studying wastewater wouldn’t be everyone’s cup of tea, the results can prove interesting. Indeed, the National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program, which is using wastewater to test for levels of illicit and licit drugs, is unearthing some thought-provoking findings and

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Alcohol testing on Western Australian roads saving lives

We all know that driving while under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and information from the Western Australian Police clearly demonstrates just how dangerous it can be. According to the WA Police website, research has shown that at a

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Binge drinking a concern or an Aussie alcohol rite of passage?

Most of us Aussies love a drink of alcohol. For many, alcohol is with us when we relax after a tough day, when we enjoy the company of friends and forms a key part of our social make-up. But what

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