Workplace drug and alcohol testing can protect businesses

Why should your business consider drug and alcohol testing, particularly if your workplace has safety critical roles? There are many good reasons, but perhaps the most compelling is the research that shows that 80 per cent of adults in Australia

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Random drug testing in Victoria hits new highs

There’s good and bad news to come from recently released figures on Victorian roads. The good news is that after the first 6 months of 2017, Victoria is on track to record one of its lowest road tolls in history.

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Is it possible to beat a drug test?

If you’re a drug user you may be concerned that one day you’ll fail a drug test on the roadside or at work and face the consequences that follow. If so, you may have researched whether it’s possible to beat

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Drugs and alcohol in your Tasmania workplace

In a recent issue of the quarterly Workplace Issues Magazine, WorkSafe Tasmania has shed light on the seriousness of alcohol and drugs in the workplace and the community in general. According to the article, “Alcohol and other drug use is

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Staying awake on ICE in workplaces

If you’ve never tried the drug ICE, or for that matter any illicit drug, you’ve probably wondered why people use something that has significant side effects and causes so many issues. While there are many reasons why people take drugs,

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Drug testing part of regional WA’s arsenal

As we reported a few weeks ago (see Far-reaching drug and alcohol testing in Western Australia) regional workplaces are concerned with the spread of drugs in their communities. Many of these workplaces, including manufacturing, maritime, aviation and government departments, are

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Will I get caught in alcohol testing?

It’s a question, as alcohol testing specialists, Integrity Sampling gets asked regularly and it’s a question you may have asked yourself, perhaps after enjoying a few drinks with friends at a bar or over dinner. So, just how long will

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Drug and alcohol education vital for your Queensland business

You’ve developed your workplace drug and alcohol policy and procedures and you’ve organised one of Integrity Sampling’s Queensland branches to conduct drug and alcohol testing for you. Can you relax, secure in the knowledge that you’re doing all you can

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Amphetamines versus methamphetamines

We hear a lot in the media about amphetamines and methamphetamines, particularly the drug ICE. So what is the difference between amphetamines and methamphetamines? Or are they one and the same? Amphetamines Like some other illicit drugs, amphetamines do have

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Alcohol testing on Victorian roads – who are the lucky ones?

What’s your definition of luck? Perhaps some people think it’s luck to be over the blood alcohol limit when you pass a Victorian Police alcohol testing operation, but being waved past. However, as the below reports suggest, getting caught by

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