Testing targets drunk and drugged Tasmanian drivers

A major traffic operation around Launceston last weekend has seen several drivers failing alcohol testing and drug testing, and ended with a terse warming for all Tasmanian drivers by the Police. A major part of the traffic operation was held

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How to beat a drug test

We’re often extolling the virtues of saliva drug testing over urine drug testing and one of the reasons is that it’s virtually impossible to cheat on a drug test using saliva. Now there’s news out of the United States that

Drug use in WA and Perth, the highs and lows

There is good and not so good news for workplace drug testing in Perth and WA, from the fifth report of the National Wastewater Drug Monitoring Program released recently. The most recent report found that use of methamphetamines in Perth

Australian drug trends and what it means for workplace drug testing

As workplace drug testing providers we always cast a keen eye on creditable reports into drug use in Australia and a recent one to be published was the Australian Drug Trends 2018 report. The report from the National Drug and

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The cost of not conducting drug and alcohol testing in Queensland

If you’re a Queensland business owner or manager, why should you conduct drug and alcohol testing in your workplace? There are many reasons why drug and alcohol testing in a Queensland workplace, or any workplace in Australia for that matter,

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Drug testing a stimulating conversation

If you take illegal drugs, hearing that the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission is drug testing your wastewater might cause you some concern. However, in this case, you have nothing to worry about. It’s all to do with the National Wastewater

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Drug testing results in Victoria regional area alarming

One in four roadside drug testing results in a regional area of Victoria are coming back positive, in an alarming trend. The news surfaced in a recent article in the Ballarat Courier, which quoted Ballarat Police Inspector Trevor Cornwill. “The

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The cold, hard facts about ICE

There has been so much attention on the drug ICE in the last few years that you could be forgiven for thinking that every 10th person was using the drug and that its effects left users with uncontrollable aggression. So,

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What’s your drug and alcohol policy Tasmania?

Thinking about Christmas parties in early October may sound a bit premature (a bit like some shopping centres who put up Christmas decorations at this time of the year!) but with the party season fast approaching there’s no better time

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Are personal breathalysers accurate?

We all get a lot of spam with our email these days and one that has become a regular to my junk folder has been one on police grade breathalysers. While I know the email could be misleading at best,

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