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Alcohol test with a difference!

We’re not sure whether to shake our heads or laugh at the news that a woman in Logan, south of Brisbane, has failed an alcohol test. Now, we certainly know it’s not funny when someone blows over 0.05 BAC during

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Can you pass an alcohol test but still be unsafe?

You’re heading to work after a late night out, drinking with the boys at the local hotel while watching footy. You’re feeling a bit seedy but you can’t afford any more sick days, so you’re trying to do the right

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If you pass a drug test can you still be unsafe?

If you pass a drug test – during roadside drug testing or workplace drug testing – can you still be unsafe to drive or work? Similarly, can you pass an alcohol test but not be in a safe condition to

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Would you pass an alcohol test?

As we approach the Festive Season – or should that be the Silly Season – many normal, responsible people who generally only have a drink or two on a weekend, will make a fool of themselves at the office Christmas

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