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Alcohol Testing in Tasmania

Alcohol testing on Tasmania’s high seas

We’ve probably all experienced alcohol testing on the roads and some people may have experienced it at work, but did you know that you can also be stopped for alcohol testing in Tasmania on the water? According to Tasmania Police,

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Random drug testing and alcohol testing at the crossroads in Tasmania

Tasmania Police were kept busy during the festive season with random drug testing and alcohol testing carried out in large numbers. According to The Examiner, Tasmania Police carried out more than 37,000 random drug and alcohol tests on the state’s

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Real mates targeted in Tasmania

While we’re in the middle of one of the biggest periods on Tasmania’s roads for policing, one thing that is sure is that police still have drink drivers firmly in their sights. And while alcohol testing will be a key

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Alcohol – testing times for your Tasmanian workplace

In the December 2015 edition of Workplace Issues Magazine, WorkSafe Tasmania highlighted the challenge that upcoming workplace social events can bring in the lead up to Christmas. While two years may have passed, the same challenges apply, so let’s recap

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Why conduct alcohol testing in your Tasmanian business?

Why should you conduct alcohol testing in your Tasmanian business? If an employee goes to the pub for lunch and consumes a beer or two, or comes to work after a big night out, are they really a danger to

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Busy time for alcohol testing in Tasmania

The countdown to the Festive Season is on and for workplace bosses in Tasmania it can be a time of increased stress. That’s because of the increase in parties and work functions, and the increased chances of one of your

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