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Alcohol testing all at sea

A song about a drunken sailor may have been catchy when it was written in the 19th century, but in the 21st century alcohol and work at sea certainly don’t mix. A recent edition of HIS Maritime & Trade’s Fairplay

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Workplace alcohol testing in the ‘silly season’

December is the busiest month for emergency staff for responding to incidents involving alcohol. Surprised? Probably not, considering December is the ‘silly season’, the time when many of us are attending work functions, family celebrations and get-togethers with friends. While

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Alcohol testing back in the news

With all the attention on drugs in our community, it’s easy to forget that drinking alcohol before driving or going to work is still a major issue. That’s why alcohol testing is still a key tool in the police’s arsenal

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What’s your decision on workplace alcohol testing?

Consider the below real life examples from the Alcohol and Drug Foundation website, of two employees and their experience with workplace alcohol testing and claims of unfair dismissal. If you were their boss, which of these employees would you dismiss

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Will I get caught in alcohol testing?

It’s a question, as alcohol testing specialists, Integrity Sampling gets asked regularly and it’s a question you may have asked yourself, perhaps after enjoying a few drinks with friends at a bar or over dinner. So, just how long will

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Workplace alcohol abuse a blue and white issue

When most of us consider workplace alcohol abuse, we mostly likely think of it as a blue-collar workplace issue. However, studies have shown that white-collar workers are far from immune from a tipple and in some cases are more likely

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Employees have responsibilities too when it comes to alcohol

You’ve had a big night out and didn’t stop drinking until 2am. Now it’s 7.30am and your mate will be picking you up for work in 5 minutes. Should you go and what are you risking if you do go

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We’re on the job 24/7 for alcohol and drug testing

While late December and January are the time for summer holidays for many Australians, for many of Integrity Sampling’s clients it’s business as usual. So, for our drug and alcohol consultants, it’s business as usual too, with our 24/7 call

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Beware the hangover – it can be a killer!

It shouldn’t come as any surprise to those of us who drink alcohol to excess occasionally, but even if you’re not over the blood alcohol limit or drugs you’ve taken aren’t detectable in your system, you can still be at

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Location, location, location!

If you need drug and alcohol testing this Festive Season, or in fact any time during the year, rest easy. With Integrity Sampling operating Australia-wide, there’s sure to be a location near you. More than 30 drug testing and alcohol

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