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What’s the link between codeine and drug testing?

There’s been plenty of attention on codeine in the media in the past week, due to a change that came into affect last Friday. So what is the change and why will this impact drug testing? Codeine now needs prescription

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Opioids such as codeine not a good choice for chronic pain

If you’ve had chronic back pain or other long term pain in the past 30 years of so, chances are you were prescribed or taken over the counter opioid medication such as codeine to treat the pain. Now a study

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Codeine set to impact drug testing results

  If you get a cold or flu this winter and reach for codeine pain medication to help you through, you’re not alone. Tens of thousands of Australians use codeine for cold, flu and pain relief and while this will

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Codeine decision and what it means for workplace drug testing

The on again, off again banning of codeine medications over the counter is… On again! Late last year the Therapeutic Goods Administration announced that codeine medication would require a prescription in the future. However, the change does not come into

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