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Drug and alcohol testing in Western Australia a huge task

We all know that Western Australia is a huge state and its sheer size can cause issues for service and product supply. You might think the same issues apply if you’re a workplace that needs to conduct drug and alcohol

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Drug and alcohol testing in WA in the news

There have been a raft of drug and alcohol testing announcements and news in Western Australia of late, so let’s summarise some of the main ones. Alcohol testing in WA to get tougher The Western Australian government hope to change

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Drug and alcohol testing in WA a workplace imperative

If you own or manage a business in WA and don’t conduct drug testing of your workforce and don’t take steps to protect you and your business from issues of drugs and alcohol, you should be. But don’t take our

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Workplace drug and alcohol testing laws in Western Australia

One of the questions we regularly get asked in Western Australia, is can I lawfully introduce drug and alcohol testing in my workplace? It’s a fair question, because you don’t want to fall foul of the law or your employees,

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Far-reaching drug and alcohol testing in Western Australia

While Western Australia may be vast, it’s fair to say that so is Integrity Sampling’s drug and alcohol testing reach in the state. Our service area takes in most substantial workforce areas of WA, including the Pilbara and Kimberley regions

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The Power is with drug and alcohol testing in Western Australia

All contractors working for Western Australian electrical supplier Western Power now need to comply with the power company’s drug and alcohol testing policy. The requirement follows an amendment to Western Power’s Service Apparatus Connection Scheme (SACS). The SACS amendment means

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