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Drug testing in Queensland

Alcohol and drug testing for your Queensland workplace

If you’re considering introducing alcohol and drug management and alcohol and drug testing in your workplace, a great reference is always the health and safety authority in your state. In Queensland, this is WorkSafe Queensland, which has a great document

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3 reasons to undertake drug testing in your Queensland workplace

One of the most common questions we hear is why should we conduct drug testing in our Queensland workplace? It’s a fair enough question, because conducting drug testing is an expense so it needs to be justified. So, let’s look

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Drug testing in Queensland makes the news

Drug testing might not often be the lead story in the nightly news – unless a sports star has failed a drug test – but it does feature in the news, none-the-less. Here are some examples of drug testing making

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Drug and alcohol testing in Queensland takes to the rails

Drug and alcohol testing in Queensland workplaces is now widespread, particularly for industries where safety critical roles are common. The workers who undergo regular drug and alcohol testing in Queensland as part of their roles include those in the heavy

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Workplace drug testing in Queensland – the force is with you!

Two of the questions Integrity Sampling is regularly asked, and it’s no different for our Queensland branches, is can I legally implement drug testing in my business and, if it’s legal to implement workplace drug testing, how will my employees

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Will workplace drug testing in Queensland pick up medicinal cannabis?

Queensland doctors will soon be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis to patients, so will this lead to a spike in positive workplace drug testing results in Queensland? As outlined in an ABC news article, last week the Queensland Parliament passed

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