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Expect increased roadside drug testing in Victoria

As we approach the Festive Season, also called affectionately the Silly Season, one thing you can expect in addition to more parties and social gatherings, is an increase in roadside drug testing in Victoria. As highlighted on Victoria’s Transport Accident

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Drug testing won’t change for police in Victoria

Victoria’s top policeman says the legalisation of cannabis won’t change the approach of police when it comes roadside drug testing and drug policy. Before we get you confused and wonder when Victoria relaxed the laws on cannabis, the Victoria in

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Drug testing results in Victoria regional area alarming

One in four roadside drug testing results in a regional area of Victoria are coming back positive, in an alarming trend. The news surfaced in a recent article in the Ballarat Courier, which quoted Ballarat Police Inspector Trevor Cornwill. “The

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Drug testing in the Victorian transport industry

If you’ve ever questioned why Integrity Sampling and Victoria Police advocate drug testing on Victorian roads and in Victorian workplaces, take a look at a video circulating online of a truck driver who took footage of himself behind the wheel

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Roadside drug and alcohol testing gets tough in Victoria

Tougher penalties mean that if you get caught in alcohol testing or drug testing on Melbourne and Victoria’s roads, you’re going to be hit harder in the pocket and are likely to spend more time off the roads. Get caught

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Drug testing in Victoria highlights regional issue

While issues such as a safe injecting room in Richmond continue to be debated in Melbourne, in regional Victoria new drug testing figures have highlighted that use of the drug ICE is growing. The new figures are contained in the

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Drug testing in Victoria an Olympic effort

The Winter Olympics has just ended and while much of the focus was on the incredible efforts of the athletes, unfortunately the spotlight was also on those who were willing to take prohibitive substances to get an advantage. Thankfully, stringent

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Drug testing in Victoria in the news

Drug testing in Victoria has been in the news of late and it’s not just people who have been driving vehicles while under the influence of drugs that have been in the spotlight. This follows news that Victoria Police are

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Drug testing on Victorian roads – what the stats don’t say

Most of us know about the carnage on our roads caused by drugs and the large rise in people being caught in roadside drug testing on Victorian roads. But a key question that hides behind these stats is what happens

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Victoria’s medicinal cannabis initiative won’t impact workplace drug testing

As reported widely in the media, seriously ill children this week became the first Victorians to legally receive medicinal cannabis. So what will the move mean for workplace drug testing in Victoria? While there’ll obviously be no impact when only

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