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Drug testing

The weird, the wacky and interesting world of drug testing

A few weeks ago, we brought you several interesting and sometimes wacky stories from overseas in the world of drug testing. Continuing our look abroad this week, let’s visit England, the United States and Canada, for more drug testing news

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Wastewater drug testing helps pave way for $20 million funding

The Federal Government has committed a further $20 million in South Australia to boost drug and alcohol treatment services. In a media release to announce the funding boost, the Minister for Health The Hon Greg Hunt MP said that alcohol

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Workplace drug testing highlights drop in opiate positives

The change that requires those who want to purchase painkillers containing codeine to see a doctor for a prescription, instead of purchasing over the counter, appears to have resulted in a reduction in the number of positive workplace drug testing

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Can prescription drugs lead to a failed drug test?

People are prescribed drugs by their doctor every day, whether it’s for a short term ailment or for a longer-term issue. It’s so common that many people don’t give it a second thought, but when this happens to you in

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Workplace drug use rife

A recent article on ABC News online would suggest that workplace drug use – and particularly the use of methamphetamines – is more widespread that most people would think. The article is based on a new report by South Australia’s

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A drug testing disgrace

If you own or manage a workplace, how confident are you that your employees are coming to work in a fit and safe condition? Is it possible that one or more of your employees turn up to work occasionally with

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Are drug testing kits accurate?

Last year we did a story on breathalysers you can purchase for home use and whether they were accurate, so we thought it was a good idea to also take a look at home drug test kits. Firstly, a bit

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Fake pee used to fool urine drug testing

Fake urine being used to tamper with urine drug testing? It sounds unlikely, but it does happen and is one of the reasons Integrity Sampling recommends saliva drug testing.

One of the many reasons we give for recommending saliva drug testing over urine drug testing is that urine testing can be subject to tampering. While some may think we’re taking the piss (sorry for the pun!) here is further

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Refuse a drug test and face the consequences

We’ve pondered the question on whether you can refuse a drug test at work in our blog, but what about on our roads? That is, can you refuse a drug test if stopped by police during roadside drug testing? Can

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Drugs and drug testing a worldwide issue

Here at Integrity Sampling, we understand our job is serious and carries a lot of responsibility. When conducting drug and alcohol testing in particular, we appreciate that it’s an important job and we’re helping to improve safety in the workplace,

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