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Fentanyl can be a killer

As we’ve mentioned before in our posts, while illicit drugs are of prime concern to employers because of the dangers of having employees high on illegal drugs roaming workplaces, when it comes to drug induced deaths it’s not illegal drugs

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Fentanyl misuse on the rise

If you think illicit drugs such as ICE, cocaine and heroin are the major contributors to accidental overdose deaths in Australia, you’d be wrong. In fact, they’re not even close. In 2014 alone, prescription medications were responsible for 69% of

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Fentanyl misuse widespread

It’s possibly not a drug you’ve even heard of, but its use is becoming more widespread. It’s name? Fentanyl. What is fentanyl? According to the Australian Drug Foundation, fentanyl is a depressant, which means it slows the messages travelling between

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