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Random drug testing in Victoria

The bad, the ugly and the very ugly of random drug testing in Victoria

With around 1 in 10 drivers failing random drug testing on Victoria’s roadsides, you’d think the news just couldn’t get any uglier. But when you look at some of the individual cases, perhaps you’d disagree. Alleged ICE affected truck driver

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Random drug testing in Victoria hits new highs

There’s good and bad news to come from recently released figures on Victorian roads. The good news is that after the first 6 months of 2017, Victoria is on track to record one of its lowest road tolls in history.

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Drug testing on Victorian roads a necessary inconvenience

If you’ve ever been stopped for random drug testing on Victorian roads, you’ve perhaps looked at it as an inconvenience. But statistics are showing that it’s a necessary inconvenience and one that can save lives. In a recent Sunday Herald

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Random drug testing can protect your Victorian business

With the constant media attention on drugs in our society, if you are a business owner or manager in Victoria you could be forgiven for feeling nervous about whether your employees are safe to be at work. While there is

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