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Random drug testing

Just how random is your random drug testing?

Your workplace takes safety seriously, so you conduct drug testing regularly to ensure your employees are safe to do their jobs. That’s great, as conducting drug testing, including alcohol testing, is an excellent component of any good workplace safety program.

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Can you refuse random drug testing at work?

After a big weekend with mates, where you consumed a few beers and took ICE, you rock up to work on Monday morning feeling a little under the weather and tired. If you were honest with yourself, you’re probably still

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Random drug testing makes budget headlines

One of the more newsworthy (and controversial) announcements in the recent 2017 Budget is a plan to trial random drug testing for Newstart and Youth Allowances recipients in targeted areas. The 2-year trial will see 5000 new recipients of the

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Random drug testing on our roads saving lives

It’s controversial in some circles and may be a political can of worms, but random drug testing – whether it is on our roads or in our workplaces – saves lives. Random drug testing on Wagga roads According to The

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Policing the police – random drug testing in Tasmania

We’re all aware of the random drug testing that takes place on our roads in Tasmania, but is there anyone policing the police? Well in Tasmania – and it should be said in most other parts of Australia – we

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Workplace drug testing in Melbourne not just random

When people think of drug testing they automatically consider random drug testing, because that’s what the majority of us are exposed to on our roads. But if you own or manage a Melbourne business, it shouldn’t just be random drug

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