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Saliva drug testing

Fake pee used to fool urine drug testing

Fake urine being used to tamper with urine drug testing? It sounds unlikely, but it does happen and is one of the reasons Integrity Sampling recommends saliva drug testing.

One of the many reasons we give for recommending saliva drug testing over urine drug testing is that urine testing can be subject to tampering. While some may think we’re taking the piss (sorry for the pun!) here is further

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Roadside drug testing likely to increase

As we’ve reported numerous times in our blog, there has been a staggering number of people providing positive results in roadside drug testing carried out across Australia. Now, a National Drug-Impaired Driving working group has been established by the Federal

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Saliva testing for drugs better for your Victorian business

In our role, one of the questions we’ve been asked a lot since we started drug and alcohol testing over 15 years ago is which is best for my Victorian business, saliva testing or urine drug testing? First of all,

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Saliva the best workplace drug testing method

The debate over whether saliva drug testing is a more accurate and reliable method of detecting drugs than urine drug testing has raged for years. And, despite plenty of evidence that shows that saliva drug testing is the better method,

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Can you beat saliva drug testing?

After a big weekend, which saw you using a variety of drugs and enjoying a few drinks to boot, you’re ready for another week of work. But before you head off to work you get out your secret weapon. The

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How accurate is saliva drug testing?

Picture this. You’re driving to work on a Monday morning and get stopped for a roadside drug test or get asked to take part in random saliva drug testing in your workplace. Trouble is, you took an ecstasy pill, or

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Why saliva drug testing is the best choice

Police forces around the world are using oral samples for their roadside drug testing and, if your business is contemplating introducing drug testing in the workplace, you should ensure your drug testing company uses saliva drug testing too. Why is

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Saliva drug testing or urine testing – which is best?

A question we’re often asked at Integrity Sampling is which is the best form of testing for drugs, saliva or urine? Urine testing was used extensively to test for drugs before saliva drug testing was introduced. There are pros and

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Union backs saliva drug and alcohol testing

The Australian Manufacturing Workers Union wants mining companies to only use the saliva method when testing employees for drugs and alcohol. A spokesperson for the union says that saliva drug testing and alcohol drug testing is not only an accurate

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