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Saliva testing in Melbourne

Saliva testing in Melbourne a no-brainer

There are several reasons why Integrity Sampling recommends saliva testing for drugs over urine testing for workplaces in Melbourne, Victoria and indeed all Australia. And, while it’s not the most important reason, convenience is certainly one of them. An easy

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Urine drug testing versus saliva testing for your Melbourne business

So you’ve decided to implement drug testing for your Melbourne workplace. Well done, there’s plenty of evidence that conducting drug testing, as part of a drug and alcohol management plan, is a smart thing to do to protect a business

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Saliva testing for drugs a win for Melbourne and Victorian motorists

Because most of us do it every day, we don’t take notice of how complex a task driving is. It’s not just the physical qualities of driving, it’s the mental aspects of concentrating and being alert that are so important,

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