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Workplace drug testing

A drug testing disgrace

If you own or manage a workplace, how confident are you that your employees are coming to work in a fit and safe condition? Is it possible that one or more of your employees turn up to work occasionally with

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Education and training a vital part of workplace drug testing

You’ve developed a drugs and alcohol policy for your business and are conducting regular workplace drug testing, so you now relax knowing you’ve done all you can to protect your business against the misuse of drugs and alcohol… Or have

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Hemp and workplace drug testing is food for thought

There has been a lot of debate in recent years over medicinal cannabis and its legalisation in Australia, now it’s the turn of close relative, hemp. The sale of low THC hemp seed foods will soon be permitted in this

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Workplace drug testing the only way to identify a person on drugs

Would you be able to spot someone who’s taken drugs in your workplace? There are plenty of people who think they can spot someone who is under the influence of drugs and, therefore, don’t think they need to conduct workplace

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Workplace drug testing spreads its wings!

You might expect to see workplace drug testing being carried out in industries such as mining, transportation and construction, but perhaps not in shearing sheds and beaches! On the beaches Bondi Beach may be well-known for many things, and you

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Workplace drug testing not just a necessity in Australia

With all the media attention on drugs, particularly the drug ICE, you could be forgiven for thinking that Australia is the only place on the planet where drugs are a problem, and strategies such as workplace drug testing was a

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Widening the scope for workplace drug testing

As we’ve mentioned many times in our blogs, if your workplace drug testing is targeting mostly young males, your drug testing may be missing others who aren’t fit to be at work and may be risking the safety of themselves

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Will a positive workplace drug test lead to dismissal?

It’s a typical Saturday afternoon and you’re watching the footy with mates at home while enjoying weed. Which is fine for your mates, because they don’t need to work, but you’re scheduled for night shift at the factory and you’ve

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Saliva the best workplace drug testing method

The debate over whether saliva drug testing is a more accurate and reliable method of detecting drugs than urine drug testing has raged for years. And, despite plenty of evidence that shows that saliva drug testing is the better method,

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Increase in positive drug tests a cause for concern

There’s good news and bad news in current roadside drug and alcohol figures, with fewer people killed in accidents involving alcohol but an increase in positive drug tests. The trends were highlighted in the media last week. The ABC quoted

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